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Welcome to Aplika

- Corporate Business Solution -

    Aplika was founded in 2011 as a company focused on business communication services. We are a consultant for Indonesian businesses to review their effectiveness of current corporate communication.  Along with the local Indonesian telecommunication provider, Aplika provides best communication solution whether Audio/Video/Chatting/Instant Meeting and Unified Communication within the customer business process. Our goal is to recommend the latest communication technology to achieve a best practice instant communication within the organization, increase productivity and increase overall team engagement along with an interactive customer supports.  The digitalization of business can start with by using technology within the organization.  Aplika provides the communication solution and customization to support the success of this transitio

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Our Services

G-Net MeetNow - Instant Meeting

Instant Online Meeting Application that can be accessed anywhere and anytime. This video and voice conferences up to 1000 participants are compatible with PC, Tablet, Smartphone and Telephone.

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Aplika Business Conferencing - Audio Conferencing

Conference Call Services that can facilitate coordination between regions in the city, province, and abroad through cell phones, office telephones, or landlines. Very easy to use, practical, and mobile without any additional hardware investment.

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Compunetix - Video Call Center

A user-friendly and comprehensive Video Interface between the customer and company agents/representatives. Based on WebRTC technology, this web video call transfer solution offers a reliable, customizable and intuitive solution for those ready to take the leap into the next generation of remote high quality video communications.

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HoduCC - Contact Center

HoduCC Software is tailored for enterprises needs, catering maximum benefits to its users to keep pace with esteemed clients while building a long-term relationships with them and developed for inbound, outbound and blended call centers also well sleeved with advanced features that enables users to handle, manage and report on each interaction from every communication medium.

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G-Net Bee - Corporate Chat Instant Messaging

Instant Enterprise Chat Application that facilitates internal communication within the company, easily arranges meeting schedules, free video and voice conferences up to 9 participants is compatible with PC, Tablet, and Smartphone.

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