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Audio Conferencing

Audio Conferencing

Reservationless Conference Call 

Reservationless Aplika Business Conferencing provides you with an easy to use-worldwide reservationless conference number that is available for your use 24 hours 7 days a week, whenever you need to conduct your meetings. No reservations or operator scheduling is required. Reservationless Conference Call means it is not necessary for you to notify our operators when you want to host a global conference call. Individual Aplika Business Conferencing accounts are given to each potential conference host in your organization. 

When around-the-clock access to global audio conferencing capability is what you need, a reservationless Aplika Business Conferencing solution may be the best option for you. Instant Conferencing is very suitable for people on the go. Some of the uses are : 

  • Hosting weekly sales meetings
  • Regular project status meetings 
  • Conducting sales presentations with prospects or investment, etc 
  • Collaboration of departments which may be located in different location
  • Meeting with suppliers located globally 

Reservation Conference Call 

Reservation Aplika Business Conferencing gives your calls a dependable, profesional touch in controlled environment, which can be critical to your image and business success 

This service also offers many additional features to tailor the call to your needs. Trust your most important conference calls to our team of experienced profesionals. It is ideal for investor relation presentation or internal project / business group meeting. 

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