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Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX.... Hosted PBX.... Virtual PBX....

What do these words mean? 

Our Cloud PBX solution, HoduPBX, provides great flexibility by offering data, voice, video and multimedia using a single network. HoduPBX helps its users connect anytime from anywhere. This next generation software is feature-rich bridging the remote networks.

HoduPBX is easy to use and maintain. Thus, users can give their businesses a business phone system which comes with a gamut of benefits. If you are planning to utilize PBX, you will be having some great facilities such as call logs, voice mails, conference calls, and other great features.

You have two choices for having your Virtual PBX:

1) Cloud PBX: Aplika will host your Cloud PBX in a professional telephony system hosted in a Tier 3 Data Center in Jakarta. This option is also known as Hosted PBX. As opposed to a traditional analog phone system, HoduPBX requires no hardware except internet connection and IP Phones in your office. If you don't want to invest in IP Phones, you can choose to have soft phones on your laptop. 

2) Hybrid Cloud PBX: Aplika will install the HoduPBX in your own data center. This is perfect for large organization who have its own data center and want to maximize its investment in Data Center. Large business can also get advantage by purchasing a hybrid Cloud PBX because it will be cheaper on the long run. 


Business Advantages for having Cloud PBX:

* One phone system for multiple locations: In the traditional analog phone system, you have to buy one hardware per office location. No matter if you have branches in Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Denpasar and other cities, you can save money by purchasing one phone system. In a Cloud PBX model, you can save expense of purchasing multiple phone system. Additionally, you can save analog telephone wiring cost. The internet or data cable that you spend can be leverage for phone as well. 

* Unlimited Free Calls: With any modern IP PBX or Cloud PBX, you can make free calls between extension. You can even call colleagues who are working in other branches of your company or any other locations by just dialing their extension. 

* Increase productivity and raise customer awareness with a professional recorded greeting that directs callers to the right contact person or department. In addition, you can also direct callers to the right department or operator with the right language (if you server customer in multiple langugages). 

* Mobility: Cloud PBX allows you mobile workforce or remote sales force to stay connected to the office phone system without paying expensive phone charges. As the voices are transported through public internet, you can save money on phone charges. 

* Conference Calls: Our Cloud PBX comes with simple conference calls solutions. 

* Call Recording: You can easily record calls for quality assurance purpose, training purpose or other business needs. 

* Video Call: Our Cloud PBX comes with video calling feature. With Videos, you can see people expressions in addition to the voice. This helps business communicate better internally. 

* Caller ID: Through our web portal, each extension can see the caller ID of the person who is calling the number. 

* User-friendly Administration Portal: Our HoduPBX comes with very user-friendly administration portal. In fact, this is one of our stregnths. 


Which solution fits best for my business? Cloud PBX or Hybrid Cloud PBX. 

Please get in touch with us for further discussion.